Theron Morrison

Theron Morrison, AttorneyAttorney Theron Morrison, is the owner, founder, and president of one of the largest bankruptcy and consumer protection firms in the State of Utah. In 2004, Theron created this firm based upon a solid and unassailable foundation of trust, sincerity, and compassion. He reinforced this framework with the genuine desire and commitment to present and provide an unparalleled caliber of legal services to those in need. He personally characterizes this firm’s mission and purpose with an exceptional devotion to a visibly unique brand of dedication and quality. This statement of belief ensures that each and every client seeking his professional guidance and expertise also receives a level of service that is unmatched in the legal profession as a whole, and in the complex field of bankruptcy law in particular.

Theron’s first exposure to the difficulties surrounding financial hardship occurred within his own family life, when he was forced to witness the complications and economic struggles endured by his father during his involvement within the tangled and somewhat terrifying world of bankruptcy. Being as proud a man as he was, Theron could only watch as his father faced the most difficult decision of his life. Hard though it was, his father survived the ordeal, and was able to start life over again, and rebuild financial freedom and safety for his family. And from this unfortunate circumstance, emerged the all-encompassing inspiration within Theron’s own life, to build a mechanism for change within a profession that required it, to shape his own career path around helping so many others through this all-too-common fact of life called bankruptcy.

This journey to a higher level of professional accountability in his chosen field began in 1998, when Theron was admitted to the Metropolitan State College of Denver, and achieved his first career hallmark four years later with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology. From there, it was on to the Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon, where he took hold of his Juris Doctorate degree upon graduation in 2004. Since then, and now a member of Bankruptcy Section of the Utah State Bar, and while building his law practice, he has maintained a strong and vibrant presence within the legal community through his affiliations and memberships with the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the Utah Consumer Protection Coalition, the Willamette University College of Law Alumni, and he is the Past President of the Weber County Bar Association. He also devotes as many hours as he can to spending time with his wonderful family, even playing and coaching soccer, and enjoying the outdoors, and all with as much focus, attention, and dedication as is the backbone of his professional life.

After having labored so diligently within the legal profession for many years, Theron has witnessed how often and to what degree so many of his fellow attorneys and colleagues either refuse to properly acknowledge, or intentionally fail to take their clients’ needs into consideration. All too frequently, these clients endure unfortunate or unavoidable circumstances or financial calamities which render them powerless and victimized without the help of expert legal guidance. Regrettably, they are not always treated with the respect and attention they not only deserve, but are willing to pay for. Theron has made an uncompromising vow not only to himself, but to the moral and ethical foundation of his law practice. A promise to not only to be different, but to actually make a difference, in the fortunes and futures of those clients he has so resolutely pledged his own life and career to serve.